Monday, June 22, 2020


China can never be India's good friend as they donot want India to grow
economically. China does not want India  to have a say in global 
matters.India was invited by US to become member of G7 countries.
China was left out which has caused this problem.It is a common belief
globally that China has territorial ambitions.May it be Taiwan,Tibet or
even Hongkong.It was agreed that Hong Kong will have Two laws
though belonging to China. Hong was accustomed to freedom under
British rule. 

The recent clash at Galwan valley where we lost our 20 brave soldiers
is the result of simmering anger of China towards India..This is the time
where the entire opposition stands with the government as it is an
external aggression.They should leave their petty political squabbles
to settle score with the government.The opposition must know that the 
people of India is watching their action.

To keep the record straight,I searched in Net to find out whether there
was happening of similar incident .In 1967,Nathula -India lost 80 brave
soldiers.In 1962,China exploited India's vulnerability,and captured the 
Indian territory of Aksai Chin which was always part of Jammu & Kashmir.
They are still holding this territory,no governments after that took any steps
to get it back.There was also some rumours regarding US/ & Soviet Union's
offer to India to become permanent member of the UNSC & Nehru did not
evince interest.It is best left for debate.

About China's territorial ambitions:
China is not interested in clarity of LAC as can be seen in Dokalam,Chumar
& now in Ladakh.It suits their strategy  to manipulate & show their 
aggressive posturing from time to time to claim a small part of land
every time.

China is becoming a closed country where internet is monitored,censored 
and restricted. China is not interested in full scale war with India as
they know India is not what it was in 1962. They know that they will also
suffer losses.