Friday, May 29, 2020


Lock Down 5.0:
There are may people including few Chief Ministers of states,
Health experts,& some sections of Media may also want the
Lock Down to be extended for another Two weeks from May,31.
Many states have eased many curbs & people are going about
doing their routine. At this juncture extending the Lock down
may become counter productive.The government should also
consult,Sociologists,Psychologists & Economists to know their
views about the after effects of Lockdown like mental illness,
depression,way forward,the impact on society at large & above
all fate of our economy.Afterall,the show must go on. Enough
awareness has been created like social distancing, wearing masks,
avoid hugging & handshaking, spitting in public places & Personal
Hygiene etc. People are  generally responsible.However, few 
guidelines / Advisory can be given by either central / state 

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