Friday, May 29, 2020


Lock Down 5.0:
There are may people including few Chief Ministers of states,
Health experts,& some sections of Media may also want the
Lock Down to be extended for another Two weeks from May,31.
Many states have eased many curbs & people are going about
doing their routine. At this juncture extending the Lock down
may become counter productive.The government should also
consult,Sociologists,Psychologists & Economists to know their
views about the after effects of Lockdown like mental illness,
depression,way forward,the impact on society at large & above
all fate of our economy.Afterall,the show must go on. Enough
awareness has been created like social distancing, wearing masks,
avoid hugging & handshaking, spitting in public places & Personal
Hygiene etc. People are  generally responsible.However, few 
guidelines / Advisory can be given by either central / state 

Thursday, May 14, 2020


Prof.Gobardhan Das was the first immunologist in India to
talk about the impact BCG Vaccine to fight against the 
Corona Virus.He says," the BCG vaccine which contains 
live,weakened version of "Mycobacterium Bovis" can
give immunity against the Corona Virus". Can we be
assured by the Ministry Of Health & Science & Technology
whether they have approved this for clinical trials?.If so,
how long it takes to complete it and can we see the light 
at the end of the tunnel to get the immunity against the
Corona Virus?. The government should involve more 
scientists in the task force along with the doctors to find
a quick & lasting solution to the Corona virus as our
country is the largest producer of vaccine in the world.
we should lead the world in finding a vaccine to fight
against the Corona Virus & we will truly become the
world leader.

Courtesy: news.May,12,2020.

Thursday, May 7, 2020


Donald Trump,American President, conveyed to the people
of his country that "reopening may cause deaths but 
Can't be sitting at home for 3 years".He wants the country
to return to normalcy soon.He maintained it was imperative
for the US to reopen for business even at the risk of a higher
 death toll,arguing that not doing so will also cause death 
from suicide & violence.

Can India,with poverty,poor infrastructure,low heathcare budget
& with huge population continue with Lockdown any more?.
Hospitals are only COVID centric & look at every patient as a
potential COVID patient.There are patients who require urgent
medical attention like Kidney ailments,heart ailments,Liver &
many more complaints,but they donot know where to go as there 
are barricades every where.

Though it is very IMPORTANT to consult Doctors & Healthcare
specialists on How to avoid spreading of Corona Virus,the
government also should consult sociologists,Psychologists,
and Economists to know the after effects of Lockdown. we 
cannot side step the economy of the country.Manufacturing,
service sector,Hospitality Industry & many more industries
big & small are suffering.Less said the better about daily 
wage earners,auto/Taxi drivers,migrant workers who are  
the backbone of any city.

We should come back to normalcy soon. Enough awareness
has been created,thanks to media.People should strictly follow
the guidelines like Social distancing,No Handshakes,frequent
handwash,avoid crowded places & personal hygiene.