Saturday, April 11, 2020


The country is in Lockdown since 25th March till 14th April 2020
i.e for 3 weeks.It has acheived the desired results but for the incident
happened in the National Capital. However, we have largely contained
the Corona Virus pandemic which has drawn the attention of the world.
Now,we have reached a critical stage where we have to take a crucial
decision of coninuing the lockdown for another fortnight till April 3oth.
The people of India unitedly supported the National lockdown even at 
the cost of their livelihood as it is a national priority.The moot question
is whether the same support will be extended for further Lockdown for
a fortnight. Though,many Chief Ministers are in favour of extending 
the lockdown,the biggest worry for the Central government will be
post Lockdown when all the states approach the centre for assistance.
Already Punjab has put their claim for Rs.500 crores.

The problems of the migrant workers,daily wage earners,small
businesses, are suffering due to lack of earning,& to subsist.The
government should take into account various factors like starvation
deaths,crime,social unrest,the state of the economy post lockdown
etc. before taking any crucial decision.Yes,the Covid 19 situation is
not upto the expectation and it is spreading,but a balance has to
be arrived taking all indicators into consideration.

It is reported that in India over 25 lakhs people die of hunger every
year.Further Lockdown should not increase the starvation deaths.
Hence,the government has to factor this also before taking any

Hence, it is advisable to partially implement the Lockdown with 
some restrictions.They are:
1.Avoid crowding of places,may it be Malls,Theatres,Railway stations.
Bus stations,Airports,Places of Worship & even social functions
like marriages,meetings,seminars etc.

2.Section 144 to be continued with strict implementation as it is 
today. Every state should study their regions and act accordingly.

3.Hospitals should also attend to other patients who need urgent 
   medical attention & they should not be only concentrating on
 Covid patients.

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