Sunday, March 8, 2020


International Business School Washington (IBSW) now has a 
Bangalore campus.It is fully operational & the courses
will start from June,2020.

IBSW  is an educational consortium of College De Paris,
Ascencia Business School,Keyce,Ecema,Estiam & Ecole Conte
and established to promote the broad educational & Cultural
objectives of its associated Institutions.ISBW is based out of
Washington DC  and have campuses across five different 
cities namely Paris,Lyon,Montpellier & Dubai. The College offers
Undergraduate,Postgraduate & Doctorate programs in Business
Administration,International Marketing,Information Technology
Global MBA,Culinary Arts,Fashion Design,Tourism & Hospitality
& English.Addressing media,Mr.Vinay Lamba,President,IBSW 
said," we share threee fundamental values; Openness to International
markets,Teaching excellence & Individual attention for each student.
He said 10% of the admissions will be with scholarship."

The college is bringing International expertise to India for the 
Indian students who donot have sufficient resources to study abroad.
The Motto of the College is:  Connecting Education Globally.

About mr.Vinay Lamba: he founded the University of Reston in 2016
and is an international entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience 
in numerous industry sectors worldwide.

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