Sunday, November 10, 2019


The Governor of Maharashtra has invited Shiv Sena (second largest Party)
seat wise to form the government & the deadline is 07.30 PM tomorrow.
Shiv Sena is in discussion with NCP & Congress, together they can muster 
the required numbers. But the question is whether they are doing the right
thing as they fought the election together with BJP & against the NCP
& the Congress. Shiv Sena says BJP had agreed for the rotational Chief
Minister equally for five years.But BJP says there was no agreement.Is
it not advisable for both the parties to draft the minutes of the discussions
which could have solved the problems.Even small meetings in Companies
draft the minutes of the meeting which will be ratified in the next meeting.

BJP won 105 seats & Shiv Sena won 56 seats together they fought the
election & the people of Maharashtra has given them the mandate to rule 
the state. They should sit & settle the matter & form the government as
NCP  Or the Congress have no mandate to rule the state.The fight between
BJP & Shiv Sena is only for  the CM's chair. It is logical that the party 
which has more numbers will be heading the government.The number 2
party will have number 2 position in the government. BJP being the 
National Party should settle the issue with Shiv Sena instead of allowing
them to seek the support of other parties which have no mandate.It is
good for the state of Maharashtra as the alliance is time tested both at
the centre & in the state.

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