Sunday, September 8, 2019


Tea is one of the widelyconsumed beverages in India,having high
amounts of naturally occuring anti oxidants .According to FSSAI
( Food Safety & Standards Authority of India),the apex food 
regulatory body in India,FSSAI permits use of certain synthetic
colors in specific  food items & Tea is not included in the list.
Color adulteration is strictly prohibited from consumer healthpoint 
of view & coloring of Tea has gradually become a serious matter of
concern these days.

In its article Coloring of Teas,Tea Board of India states,that color
adulteration, a growing menace is strictly prohibited from consumer
health point of view.The report also says that sub standard tea leaves 
are  used to be colored.

A simple test,of adding tea powder to cold water, can help identify
adulterated color tea,wherein the artificial color immediately 
dissolves & releases into water.

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