Wednesday, August 7, 2019


RACOLD,a brand is one of the largest water heating solution
provider .The Racold brand is licensed to Ariston Thermo India
Pvt. Ltd., is responssible for marketing,sales,& service of RACOLD
products in India. Ariston Thermo,is a leading Global Company in
From Left : Mr.Prashant Dhar,VP - Marketing.Mr.Mohit Narula
Managing Director,Ariston Thermo India Pvt.Ltd., &
Mr.Sriman Narain,VP.
the water heating & heating industry.The group develops & provides
solutions based on renewable energy sources ,such as solar thermal
systems & heat pumps.The group's Turnover is 1.61 billion euros &
sold 8 million products in over 150 production sites in 15 countries.

About OMNIS & AURES - They are Smart Bath Logic, Auto Diagnosis
& Eco Function.The other features are WI-FI connect,to control the
water heater from anywhere,anytime using the Racold Net App.By this,
the temperature can also be controlled.The Company says by launching
OMNIS & AURES,the consumers can have Smart Showers.

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