Tuesday, June 11, 2019


It is reported that India's population is increasing at an alarming
rate. 17.99% of the world's population is in India.Every 6th person
in the planet is an Indian.As per latest UN Data, India's population
is 135 Crores Or 1.35 billion. It is also reported, by 2025,India will
overtake China as the most populous country in the world.We give
below the population of other countries and also the geographical
area :
                                                                 Population                 Area.(Land mass)
                                                                  ( in Crores)              (in Mn. Sq.Kms)

1.India                                                           135.00                     3.287

2.China                                                          138.64                     9.597

3.USA                                                               32.57                     9.834

4.Russia                                                           14.45                     17.10

5.Canada                                                           3.65                       9.985

6.Australia                                                        2.46                        7.692.

As per this available data,India has more densely populated  when
compared to its geographical area.Above all, we have people coming
from across the borders from Bangladesh & Myanmar.Assam &
W.Bengal are the states affected by illegal immigrants. Some short sighted
politicians are not worried about the gravity of the situation as they only
look for the votes to retain in power.

Although it is late, we should now address the twin problems of population
growth in the country and also illegal immigrants on a priority basis.
As our natural resources and also water are limited,it will lead to chaos
and unrest if the needs of the growing population are not met.