Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Congress party  jointly with JD (S) are trying to form the government
in Karnataka as they claim they have the majority (116 MLA's i.e 
Congress-78 & JD (S)-38 ).This is a post poll alliance and they both
fought bitterly in the election hurling abuses against each other. Even
in the constituency of Chamumdeshwari where the Sitting Chief Minister
Mr.Siddaramiah stood,  BJP & JD (S) saw to it that he loses. Now, they both
join together to form a government just to keep BJP away.Both the parties
i.e Congress which had 122 MLA's earlier now has only 78 MLA's which 
means People have rejected the Congress party. Further, the sitting 
Chief Minister Mr. Siddaramiah,who stood in Two Constituencies,lost one 
and won one. He lost in Chamundeshwari by 36,042 votes and won in Badami
by just around 1700 votes. JD (S) with just 38 MLA's  is no where near forming 
the government as the people have not even considered them to rule the state.
In this context,the two parties rejected by the people are not entitled to form
the government as they have no mandate of the people.

On the other hand,BJP which has only 40 MLA's in the previous assembly has
now 104 MLA's which means they are nearer to the seat of power. Though the
BJP donot have the full mandate of the people but they are only short of 7 MLA's
when compared to both Congress & JD (S ) individually.

Hence,the Governor must call BJP  to form the government & prove their majority
in the floor of the House. Further, all the parties viz.BJP,Congress & JD (S) should
not issue whip to their MLA.'s to vote according to their parties decision.


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