Thursday, April 26, 2018

Mr.Sai Krishna Mopuri,M.D.ADI India Addressing media.

State-of-the-art building to facilitate collaboration & growth in software,
systems and IC development.

Analog Devices,Inc has unveiled its new India Head quarters in Bengaluru
for 600 (Approx) staff which houses one of ADI's top three global design
centres and the first one outside America.This centre will focus on developing
& selling cutting edge technologies and solutions for the global automotive,
industrial,healthcare,consumer,Internet of Things (IOT),security,
communications,and energy markets.

"ADI India has come along way since its humble beginnings as an integrated
circuit design centre,having experienced an impressive expansion in the 
capabilities & range of functions being performed by our skilled employees in
Bengaluru, "said Mr.Sai Krishna Mopuri,Managing Director,ADI India.He 
said after moving into this new facility,they plan to expand their University 
relations program work with reputed academic institutions which includes 
fellowships,sponsorships and internship oppurtunities,through additional
partnerships and talent acquisition from engineering colleges across the 


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