Tuesday, March 27, 2018


There is nothing wrong in Protectionism as long as the country takes
care of their country's interests. India should also take care of Country's
interest.. We have $51.1 billion trade deficit with China.That means our
imports from China is more than our exports to China.This is going on 
for many years,may be figures may be different and we always had trade
deficit with China. Inspite of this China is not a good friend of India.
Doklam and 1962 war and few other acts like supporting Pakistan and
opposing India in all International forums are the examples.

Yesterday,our Commerce Minister had a meeting with his Chinese Counterpart
and the statement released by his ministry    is that the Chinese  are
addressing the issue. India has to talk tough with Chinese like what US is doing.
We have a big market, which Chinese cannot ignore and we have to armtwist
China to see our point of view and settle the border issue using the Trade deficit
as leverage.India need not be meek and talk softly with China as China does not
reciprocate the same. Though China says they are not a competitor to India or
a threat but a partner in progress,their actions does not show that.


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