Tuesday, February 6, 2018

13th STONA- 2018. FROM 7th February TO 10th February,2018 

India is rich in high quality natural stones like granite,marble,sandstone
limestone and quartzite which are spread across the country. India has 
11% share of  exports in total world's stone trade.India is recognised as
one of the largest dimensional block producer in the world.Indian slabs
tiles,and monuments are supplied to more than 80 countries.Stone industry
is recognised as one of the fastest growing mineral industry in boosting the
economy. India has the second largest deposit of Natural stones in the world
with 15% of the world Natural stone reserves which is about 46.23  billion
cubic meters.

STONA is an  established name in the international market & stands in 4th
place in the international fairs after Xiamen in China,Verona in Italy and
Izmir in Turkey.In 1987 when the first STONA was held the Indian Exports
was around Rs.50 crores and after STONA 2016 ,it has crossed Rs.14,000 
crores ($2.2 billions).

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