Tuesday, January 9, 2018

                                    MAHINDRA MUTUAL FUND LAUNCHES
                                    MAHINDRA UNNATI EMERGING BUSINESS YOJANA.

Mr.Ashutosh Bishnoi,MD& CEO Mahindra AMC addressing media.
    New Fund Offer opens for initial subscription on 8th January,2018 closes on 22nd   January,2018.                      

   It is  a Mid cap fund predominantly investing in mid cap companies  
 listed on  Stock Exchanges ( both NSE & BSE).

   Addressing media, Mr.Ashutosh Bishnoi,MD & CEO,Mahindra AMCsaid,"Indian
  economy is  poised for a multi year growth phase leading to shifting of market share
  from unorganised to organised sector in highly fragmented consumer segments
  bringing nation's progress closer to every household.In a relatively sluggish macro
  growth environment Mid Cap Companies have shown higher earnings growth 
  compared to large caps. We do see enough scope for stock specific investment
  opportunities in the mid cap space.The fund would give investors an oppurtunity
  to participate in the growth story of today's emerging companies which have the
  potential to become market leaders in future.".

  The scheme is suitable for investors who seek long term capital appreciation.The
  scheme would invest minimum 65% in Mid Cap Companies & upto 35% in stocks
  other than mid cap.


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