Saturday, December 23, 2017


The Company completes 35,00,000 Sq.ft of industrial infrastructure construction
in Karnataka.

The first of its kind Technical manual was unveiled by Everest Industries Limited.
The manual developed by the Company in close consultation with industry stakeholders
like leading consultants,architects,engineers,project managers,government institutions
& industry experts.The Everest Pre- engineered Steel buildings are widely used in
industrial & commercial infrastructure.Everest Steel building solutions has already
completed more than 2000 PEB projects covering more than 5 crore Sq.ft of construction across 275 cities in 29 states in India.This includes RO-RO Ferry Terminal 
in Gujarat inaugurated by Prime Minister of India Mr.Narendra Modi last month
and the tallest PEB building in the country i.e Goa Shipyard last year.

Speaking to media Mr.Manish Sanghi, Managing Director,Everest Indutries said," The
Everest Steel Buildings are widely used in industrial & commercial infrastructure i.e 
large factories,ware houses,logistic parks,shipyards,airports,car show rooms,large 
retail outlets,schools & exhibition centres.The main problem in any infrastructure project in our country is delay ,cost overrun, & multiple agencies involved in the project.  
The Pre engineered steel buildings will solve such problems to a large extent". Mr.Sanghi said that they completed the Goa Shipyard project in 11 months, & 
the Shiv Nadar School near Delhi in 120 days as they were involved right from the day of concept to delivery.