Sunday, November 26, 2017


Hairline international & Skin Clinic is launching a new range of hair 
cosmeceuticals across the country in 2 months.The unique range of hair
care products includes a Hair sanitiser,a hair perfume, & hair sun screen.
This range of hair care products are manufactured in Italy & marketed by
Hairline in India.These products will soon be available on shelf at Hairline
International centres across Bengaluru & select stores across the country.

These products were launched by Ms.Shalini Chopra,Stylishbynature, said,
" These are products that have a lot of research backing them and are
convenient not just for those in the world of glamour but for every one leading 
the hectic lives".

Ms.Bani Anand,Founder & Managing Director,Hairline International and
Dr.V.Premalatha,Dermato Surgeon,Hairline International were also present.


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