Thursday, March 16, 2017


Lifecell International, pioneer in Stem cell research announced the launch
of Baby Cord Share,Community Stem Cell banking to address the need for
creating a large inventory of stem cells in the country.Community Stem cell 
Banking is a first of its kind global initiative of LifeCell,which allows sharing 
of preserved umbilical cord stem cells amongst the community of parents.
Community stem cell also helps parents & siblings in accessing stem cells
from the community pool,this providing a comprehensive family benefit
for parents.

70% of patients are unable to find a match in India due to limited Stem cell
donors of about  1,80,000,which is less than 1% of global donor base.
Mr.Mayur Abhaya,M.D &CEO,LifeCell said,' with increasing awareness
amongst the parents preserving their baby's stem cells,community banking
could help increase the inventory by more than 50,000 every year."Presently,
we are importing to meet the demand.If more people in India participate
in donating the stem cell of their babies,the requirement of the patients
can be met easily.

The Community stem cell banking will be available to customers with
immediate effect at a starting price of Rs.16,990/- with an annual storage
fee of Rs.4,000/- per annum.LifeCell also offers additional long term
plans wherein customers can choose to prepay the storage fee.

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