Sunday, January 8, 2017


Knowledge Exchange Platform is aimed at connecting individuals in academia,

industry & government agencies to have a common interest in neuro science.
Harvard South Asia Institute(SAI) & the Institute of Bio Informatics and
Applied Biotechnology(IBAB) hosted a day long program on 7th January,2017.
This program was organised at the premises of National Centre of Biological
Sciences (NCBS),Bengaluru.

This event is a part of a 2 week course in neuroscience for 25  undergraduate
and post graduate technology students in Bengaluru fromDecember,29,2016 
to January,11th,2017.The goal of this program is to introduce Indian students
to the brain science.There was a panel discussion comprising of representatives
from academia,industry and government to exchange their ideas and to work
out solutions for a common approach.


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