Saturday, April 23, 2016


                                    INDIA TAKES ON CHINA BOLDLY.

If we don't take care of our national interest,nobody will.This government
unlike the previous government headed by Manmohan Singh,has sent a
strong message to China by playing the Ughur Card.This is a bold decision 
by Modi government to tell the Chinese that we can also take tough decisions 
as and when necessary. China's attitude of acting as "Big Brother" &
siding with Pakistan  to embarass & provoke India will not be tolerated by
India,a country of billion people. The government should take strong
actions on the trade front also.Already,the Confederation of All India
Traders (CAIT) has threatened to boycott the Chinese goods.The body
said it has taken a strong exception to the behaviour of China,which
supports Pakistan openly.Similarly,others should follow too,so that
China should realise that it is better to be friendly with India than
to embarrass India.

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