Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Presently, people have to install a cluster of  apps on their devices to cater
to their individual needs.With the launch of n-gage,this platform barrier 
is broken and a consolidated messaging app with most popular features
are available for the users.

n-gage has taken extra measures  by introducing new ways to ensure privacy
to suit the individual needs,and allow users to express their emotions through
the personalisation features  added to 'n-cards',n-stickers,and Doodle plus.
Users can add text,audio,or image to their n-stickers & n-cards or handwrite
or draw their messages to friends who use whatsApp,Hike,Facebook,SMS etc.
n-gage may become a promising app that will revolutionise the way people
communicate in today's world. The app is available for use on android,
Mr.Ajit Patel,Founder & CEO  addressing media.
ios,PC & Tablet.

n-gage enables its users to connect with family & friends from around the
world in over 45 languages.Users can share messages,doodles and
 attachments on various other social platforms without requiring the
other person to download the app.With this,n-gage, the users can share
multimedai files and even exit several group conversations without 
leaving the group says,Mr.Ajit Patel,CEO and Founder of n-gage.

Mr.Ajit Patel was Co Founder,chairman & CEO of Goldshield Group,
one of the successful pharmaceutical companies to be run by person
of Indian origin in the UK.Goldshield was awarded oneof the top 200
Best small companies outside US with $ 1 billion or less revenues by
Forbes Global Magazine.Ajit Patel was also a pioneer of Indian Origin 
to list a company on the London Stock Exchange. 

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