Sunday, August 2, 2015


                                                   ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
                                                   PARLIAMENT MUST START
                                                   BUSINESS AS USUAL.

          It is seven days gone and Parliament has not done any business and there
          were only disruptions instead of debate.

         We all agree, the Parliament represents the will of the people.There are many
         members of Parliament who say that the Parliament is Supreme.But the fact
         is, the people are supreme.Parliament is one of the FOUR pillars of democracy.
         One pillar cannot say that they bear the entire weight of the ceiling.Democracy
         is of the people,by the people & for the people.Parliament enacts laws,Judiciary
         interprets laws,the Executive implements the laws,and the Press represents the
         eyes and ears of the people.Each pillar of democracy should function
         independently for the welfare of the people.

         Parliament is the forum for debates,discussions & deliberations.If the opposition
         wants to draw the attention of the government on any issue, they have the right 
         to protest,walk out and also draw the attention of the Chair.This should be 
         symbolic and cannot prolong for days.Here,I quote one  incident which 
         happened in the House of Commons in UK which may be interesting.

         On 15th March,1988,during budget statement,of the Chancellor of the Exchequer
         Nigel Lawson,Labour MP Dave Nellist led a group who attempted to intervene &
         disturb the sitting,he refused to resume his seat.The Deputy Speaker 
         suspended the sitting for 10 minutes.On resuming, the budget speech 
         continued.          If Parliament does not function, it is loss for the country. 
         The Parliament did not function for the last 7 days & the country 
         lost Rs.63 crores as per some estimates.The Congress party who ruled the  
         country for more  than half a century,should set an example and should not 
        say the BJP when they  were in the opposition also  disrupted the functioning 
        of the House.Yes,what  BJP did at that time was wrong.In the present scenario, 
        the government  is  willing to debate,discuss all issues in the Parliament.The 
        opposition led by Congress should discuss all issues  in the Parliament 
        as the people are watching. 

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