Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ms.Ishiqa Multani, Executive VP-Strategy & Innovation, & Dr.Bidari Rajendra Kumar
Dy.Medical Director,Sagar Hospitals addressing the Media.
Becomes the Globally Trusted Health Care Provider.

According to the report of KPMG,India is one of the THREE destinations in Asia to
be the ideal Medical Tourism Destinations.The increasing demand for low cost high 
quality medical treatment especially from SAARC & African countries has caught 
the attention of many developing countries especially India which has all the 
potential to develop as the best destination.India has the best doctors,
best nurses,and the best para medical staff  is gearing up to meet the demand. 

In tune with this objective,Sagar Hospitals,Bengaluru, has obtained the MTQUA
(Medical Travel Quality Assurance).This is a medical tourism certification from 
an independent third party recognition.This certifies that the hospital meet the
international standard of excellence for care and services to international
patients and medical tourists.

Sagar Hospitals,Bengaluru is one of the Three Hospitals to be certified by
MTQUA in India.

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