Tuesday, June 23, 2015

                                            GOVERNMENT TO INJECT $3 BILLION 
                                            AS CAPITAL TO PUBLIC SECTOR BANKS.

                    Government Of India is planning to inject $3 billion this fiscal year
                     and could double that amount next year in a push to boost capital
                    and help the banks to meet the Basel III regulatory requirements
                   says the Finance Secretary, Government of India.

                   As per RBI data, the public sector banks have a burden of Rs.95,122
                   crores as non performing assets (NPA's) from 30 defaulters.In terms
                  of percentage,it amounts to 36.5% of the total non performing assets of
                  the banks.Hence,the biggest worry for the state owned banks is the
                  non performing assets.Hence,banks have to think of various means to
                  infuse confidence amongst the investors and the Public.

                 State owned banks are sitting on a huge real estate assets which can be
                 revalued to arrive at a Fair Market  Value.Further, the assets that are 
                mortgaged to banks for their lending also can be revalued to ascertain 
                the fair market value.Government of India has to come out with stricter  
                laws to recover the loans as the present system does  not seem to be 

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