Friday, June 5, 2015


                                           "I AM CONFIDENT WE ARE GOING TO COME
                                             BACK VERY  SOON" SAYS MR.PAUL BULCKE
                                             GLOBAL CHIEF EXECUTIVE NESTLE.

                                             Will he say the same thing in USA or China when their
                                             Country's Food safety Regulator says Maggi's Instant
                                             Noodle Products are "unsafe & Hazardous" ?.
                                             The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India accused
                                             Nestle  of failing to comply with Food safety laws.

                                             The Global Chief Executive of Nestle should have 
                                              voluntarily withdrawn their products  which are called                                                                         unsafe and hazardous.
                                              It is time that the food safety authorities in the centre 
                                              &  in various states act as per the law as they owe a 
                                              strong responssibility to the people of this great country. 
                                              We had enough of slackness and compromise about the 
                                               food safety for more than six decades.It is time that the 
                                              authorities do as the food safety regulators  in USA,
                                              UK,China and other developed countries do.

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