Monday, June 1, 2015


                                Karnatka Government To Appeal Against Jayalalithaa's
                                Acquittal in Supreme Court.

                  The Karnataka government decided today to file a Special Leave  Petition
                  in the Supreme Court against Tamilnadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa and
                  three others.The Chief Minister of Tamilnadu and three others were 
                  acquitted by the High Court of Karnataka recently.

                  The moot question is whether the Karnataka government has any locus 
                  standi in this Disproportionate Asset  case. It is only the aggrieved party 
                  which can file the appeal. In this case, Karnataka government which is 
                  representing the people of Karnataka is not an aggrieved party.This may 
                  create a dangerous precedent and may even harm the relationship 
                  between the states in a Federal set up.This looks more of a political                                                    decision rather than a constitutional decision.       



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