Thursday, May 21, 2015


Bridge India Foundation is a NGO registered as Section 25 Company under
Companies Act,1956,The focus of the foundation is to train volunteers,the students  from affluent schools to become more sensitised to the needs of the  society & also to share the joy of 
Caring & sharing at the tender age.Bridge India Foundation is already working with 7 schools in Bengaluru & Chennai.
More than 1850 students have been engaged so far and have benefited from the program.

They wouldlike to scale up their operations to help & create a more inclusive & better 
society in the future says Mr.Shanmugam Nagarajan, Founder & Chairman,Bridge India.

We are in the process of scaling our operations to more than 25 schools in 3 to 4 
cities this year.We are conducting our first fund raiser Golf Tournament on 23rd May 
at Prestige Golfshire,Nandi Hills.This event will help us to reach our target funds for
scaling up our operations next year.- says Mr.Murali R Rao,CEO,Bridge India Foundation.

Mr.Ahluwalia(extreme left),Mr.Shanmugam Nagarajan,Chief People Officer[24]7
with Rtn.Murali.R.Rao,(extreme Right) & Ms.Margherita de Cles,Event Coordinator

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