Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mr.Kishore Sansi,MD & CEO,(centre) with Executive Directors
Mr.K.R.Shenoy(Right) &Mr.B.S.Rama Rao (Left)
RESULTS 2014-15.

Dividend declared:15%.

Total Business of the bank
reached Rs.2,14,035 crores.

Other Income up by 43.77%

Net interest income up:18.41%.
Gross NPA : 2.78%.
Net NPA     : 1.92%
Provision Coverage ratio:64.01%
Operating profit  up by 14.07%.
Treasury income :Rs.298 crores.

Cost of Deposits: 7.99%
Yield on Advances: 11.77%. The bank functions  at a margin of 3.78%.
Earnings per share: Rs.1.13%.  Book Value :Rs.68.95.

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