Saturday, April 25, 2015


             Switzerland has the most happiest people in the world,according to
             Annual World Happiness Report.Iceland,Denmark,Norway & Canada
            followed in the rankings that measured happiness and well being levels
            in 158 countries.

           It is reported that this report gives evidence on how to achieve societal
           well being.It is not by money alone but by fairness,honesty,trust
           and good health.If fairness,honesty are two of the four main yard sticks
           for assessment,one wonders how Switzerland can fit in when their banks
          hold secret accounts of citizens  of many countries and they donot even
          disclose it to the countries when they ask for the details of the accounts
          their citizens hold in Swiss banks.USA was able to get the names but 
          India is still to get the names inspite of lot of efforts successive   
          governments has put in.

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