Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mr.Shyson Thomas(Third from left),Mg.Director Pegasus addressing media.

Initial operations from Bengaluru to Hubli and

Ticketing starts from 4th April and operations from 12th April,2015.

Air Pegasus will start operations by flying ATR 72 500 with 66 seats.Initially, they will start with 2 aircrafts ATR 72 500 and will increase the fleet to 20 aircrafts by next year.The initial arifare will be Rs.1234/- ( all inclusive) which is a dynamic fare as an introductory offer.

Mr.Shyson Thomas,Managing Director, Air Pegasus says,the following:
" I see a lot of vaccum in the aviation scene in the southern sector".
" I will give seamless connectivity to the south".
" We have chosen ATR 72 500 due to its low maintenance cost & because it is fuel efficient".
"Air Pegasus will be a RIGHT COST AIRLINE".
" We aim to be truly regional airline with more connectivity in existing regions
which are underserved and to connect non connected sectors".
"The services will be scaled up to connect Kochi,Chennai,Tuticorin,Belgaum,Rajahmundry
Pondicherry & Madurai."

As this is a purely regional airline using hitherto not used small airports,the 
government should give some concessions in landing charges,and also Tax on ATF.
When Andhra Pradesh can charge only 4% Tax on ATF,there is no logic for Karnataka 
to charge 29%  as we gather from the company sources. As connectivity is very 
important for people to travel ,it is the duty of the government to encourage and give 
some concessions as far as possible to promote the regional airlines.

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