Wednesday, April 29, 2015

                            AFFECTS DECISION MAKING PROCESS IN THE
                            GOVERNMENT SAYS MR.ARUN JAITLEY.

              While delivering 16th D.P.Kohli Annual Lecture,Mr.Arun Jaitley,Union
              Finance Minister & eminent lawyer said,the decision making process in
              the government is hampered by judicial supervision of corruption cases
              which puts pressure on investigators to make a case.This creates fear
              among officials that even a genuine error in decisions may come under 
              scrutiny.He said that the bureaucrats are now " Passing the Parcel" 
              rather than taking decisions themselves.The bureaucrats wants to play 
              safe to ensure that they donot  want to be questioned later even for any 
              genuine decisions taken by them while in service.The government must
              boost confidence among the bureaucracy to ensure that they take decisions 
              without fear or favour or else the functioning of the government will come  
              to stand still.

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