Monday, March 9, 2015

SECURENS SYSTEMS PVT.LTD., have introduced 24X7 Monitored Intrusion Alarm Systems with ACTIVE DETERRENCE for ATM's and bank branches.With this,the crime can not only be detected on-line  as it is happening,but also can be immediately deterred using video verification & 2 way audio.
Presently, the ATM's are guarded by unarmed guards,
Mr.Sunil Udupa,Managing Director,Securens Systems Pvt.Ltd.,
addressing Media.
whose life is under tremendous risk when any burglary happen in the ATM.With the introduction of this new technology provided by SECURENS,the ATM's 

can be protected by providing effective & efficient technology by E-surveilance with Active deterrence,says Mr.Sunil Udupa,Mg.Director,Securens Systems Pvt.Ltd.

The Company has so far installed in  about 8000 ATM's across the country & will
be installing in  about 10,000 ATM's by 31st March this year.By this,the banks
can ensure customer's safety and also assured of safe ATM transactions
even during the night.

"The Company, Securens is also working on regular R&D to keep on improving 
the systems to ensure that the ATM's are safe & well protected" says

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