Thursday, March 19, 2015


                                                     CONGRESS PARTY SHOULD ACT 

            The Congress party which ruled the country for more than 55 years out of 67
             years of independent India must act more responssibly in the parliament.
            They should not obstruct the parliament proceedings  because BJP did it when
             Congress led UPA where in power. The Congress party,  if, it is mature must 
             realise that BJP was most of the time in opposition rather than in power. 
             Further, the Congress party has only 44 seats in Lok Sabha and the BJP led
             NDA has absolute majority in Lok Sabha,the voice of the people.The Congress
             party and other parties opposed to BJP are strong in Rajya sabha where the
             members are elected by members of  state legislatures or nominated which 
            can be termed as an  indirect election and not the real voice of the people 
            when compared to members of Lok Sabha.In common parlance,some 
            members of Rajya Sabha are called as back door entry where some politicians
            who lost the elections to Lok Sabha are also  brought through Rajya Sabha.

            If the congress party which is the party in waiting for power, obstructs the
            proceedings of the Parliament,they must realise that the people are watching
            and they will react when the time comes.

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