Friday, January 2, 2015

                                     GYAN SANGAMAM-TWO DAYS  BANKING RETREAT.

             All heads of public sector banks along with their Exectutive Directors will 
             be attending the Two day Gyan Sangamam (confluence of knowledge) at 
             Pune starting from today.Experts including the Consulting firm Mckinsey
             will aid the bankers in formulating the strategies for the banking reforms
             to follow. 

             The six selected issues are:
              1. Achieving Universal Inclusion.2.Leveraging technology & Digital to
              improve cost efficiency.3.Fostering profitable priority sector lending.
              4.Effective risk profiling & recovery mechanism.5.Building a robust
              people motivation strategy for public sector banks.6.Consolidation
              & restructuring of public sector banks for better efficiency,governance
              and capital efficiency.

              This Banker's Retreat is happening at a time when the NPA's are
               increasing in PSB's and the number of wilful defaulters are on the
              rise and there is pressure on profitability.

              The Banker's Retreat should also evolve a mechanism to see that 
               there is no " write offs" of loans before the elections and also the
               government should have an "arm's length" approach /control 
               over the banks.

               Lastly, as PM & the Finance Minister, the RBI Governor and all the
               Heads of banks will be present on the Two day event,it will be better
               if they discuss & settle the pending Wage revision issue early which is
               causing some unrest in the banking industry.The United Forum of Bank
               Unions have called for a nation wide strike on 7th January,followed by 
               few more strikes which may cause inconvenience to the customers.As the
               last wage revision has expired in 2012, an early settlement in the matter 
               is the need of the hour.


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