Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Eminenet Cartoonist & Humourist R.K.Laxman,
the creator of "Common Man" passed away in
Pune yesterday. He was aged 94 years.

Mr.R.K.Laxman was the younger brother of 
Mr.R.K.Narayan,famous writer who wrote books
viz.Malgudi Days,The Guide which was later filmed 
also,Financial Expert,and many more.

Since 1951,The Common Man represented the 
hopes,aspirations, day to day problems,faced by
him in the system we live.He said about the 
Common Man,He may be silent but he listens.

He is survived by his wife Ms.Kamala and son
Mr.Srinivas,who is a journalist.

I had an occassion to meet him in his office at Times of India in late 80's
in connection with a book he brought out for the bank.The book was
titled "Little Things Count" which clearly illustrates what the customer
of the bank expects and how to treat a customer etc. It was a very
pleasant meeting and I still cherish the meeting.