Monday, November 3, 2014

Mr.Ramji Raghavan addressing the audience

41st Foundation Day.

Indian Institute of Management,Bangalore popularly called as IIM-B
celebrated its 41st Foundation day at its sprawling campus.

Mr.Ramji Raghavan,Founder and Chairman,Agastya International Foundation,Bangalore delivered the 41st Foundation Day lecture.The topic being,"Living and Acting Creatively".While delvering the lecture,he said ,"Unlocking the creative potential of children,adults and communities around the world -
rich,poor and downtrodden-is one of the central challenges of the 21st century".We 
have to find  ways and means to unlock and unleash the creativity.He said, there is Too much of "YES" in our system and not much of "WHY" and "WHY NOT" in our 
system. If we have to raise the speed limit of creativity in a society,we have to  
create conditions to trigger and unleash curiosity, he said.


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