Wednesday, November 12, 2014

                         WHY DID BJP OPT FOR VOICE VOTE INSTEAD OF
                            NUMBERS IN MAHARASHTRA?.                                                  
                   Mr.Fadnavis is seeking the vote of confidence for the first time and 
                   that too in the new assembly.The political pundits wonder why the 
                   BJP lead government which was confident of winning the vote of  
                   Confidence with the support of NCP should go for the voice vote                                                          instead of the numbers. The new Chief Minister of 
                   Maharashtra in his own interest and on behalf of the party should  
                   have Preferred the numbers instead of voice vote which is now 
                   disputed by the Congress Party and Shiv Sena. Though ,the Chief 
                   Minister Mr.Fadnavis said if the Congress party and Shiv Sena  
                   wants, they can move a No Confidence Motion,but that is fire fighting.  

                   Though the decision of the Speaker is final, the new Chief Minister 
                   of Maharashtra should have started his political career in a better 
                   note .Had the Vote of Confidence was put to vote with numbers,the
                   BJP would have won it and would have even exposed few 
                   members IF, there was any cross voting .

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