Monday, October 20, 2014


                                             LESSONS TO BE LEARNT FROM ELECTIONS IN
                                                                 MAHARASHTRA AND HARYANA.

                  The elections in Maharashtra and Haryana have given few lessons to the
                  political parties including the Indian National Congress and also  for the 
                 regional parties. There are only Two formidable National Parties i.e 
                 Congress (INC) and the emerging and dynamic BJP under Narendra Modi &
                 Amit Shah.One thing, the Congress party should learn,adopt and apply is 
                 a new paradigm set by BJP who has understood the aspirations of the 
                 people especially,the youth. The way the political parties were running   
                 their outfits earlier,may no longer will be able to  sustain themselves if  
                they continue to function, being blind to the hard realities. Sooner they 
                change , better for them.

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