Friday, October 31, 2014

October is the "Breast Cancer Awareness"
month.Hence,HCG,the specialist 
in cancer Care organised the media  interaction to
create awareness of the disease and its prevention,diagnosis ,treatment and cure.
According to a research 1 out  
of 8 women are at the risk of developing breast cancer.BREAST CANCER IS NO LONGER  A DISEASE TO BE SCARED OF.IF DETECTED EARLY,IT IS CURABLE.

This year the HCG involved the transgender
community to spread the awareness on breast cancer.Addressing the 
media,Dr.Nalini Rao,said, "cancer is a great equaliser,it knows no  caste,creed or sex.Transgenders are also prone to the risks of breast cancer and need to undergo regular self examination".
HCG launched the HCG Breast cancer App,a mobile application on the occasion.

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