Monday, September 1, 2014

Biocon kick starts Free oral 
Cancer screening Programs 
across India.

Week long campaign 
(Sept,1 To Sept,7,2014) will be
organised across various centres in
23 cities In India.

Some Facts regarding Oral Cancer.
# Every year 1,30,000 people succumb
   to oral cancer in India.

# Early detection can increase 5 
years survival rate from 52% to 80 to 90%.
# 4 in 10 all cancer are oral cancer in India.Oral cancer claims 14 lives every hour.
# Cancer risk is almost TRIPLED in alcohol drinkers who also smoke tobacco.

Mr.U.T.Khader,Minister for health & Family Welfare,Govt.of Karnataka launched
the programme.He said the government is coming out with Oral Health Policy
after the vision committee submit its report.

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