Saturday, August 16, 2014

                                                           PEOPLE TREE HOSPITALS.
                                                           100 free complex surgeries
                                                           100 poor patients
                                                           100 days. 

                     Mission: To provide each and every one a quality of care we could want 
                                     for ourselves, our parents,children,family & friends.
                     Vision  : To touch,move and inspire a billion people.

                      PEOPLE TREE  is an employee co owned partnership capable to run 

                      great hospitals dedicated to  patients.By putting doctors and nurses in  
                      charge of the hospital and making all employee co owners, they get  
                      empowered to go the extra mile to take care of the patients.

                      Present Project : 100 Free Complex surgeries to 100 patients 
                                                   in 100 days.                       PEOPLE TOUCH  is a small                                                                       step in towards this goal.With this initiative
                      100 complex surgeries will be done Free of Cost within 100 days for 100
                      deserving patients.

                      The screening camp will be organised on 20th August 2014, from 
                       09 am  onwards at PEOPLE TREE HOSPITALS at Yeshwantpur,
                      Bangalore opposite the Metro Station.

                      Any one can be part of this project by donating generously 
                      towards this cause and become part of this noble cause 
                      on a long term basis.                       For appointments contact :                                                                     080- 49599999 / 9900091881/080-49599900.


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