Monday, August 18, 2014


                                                         SECRETARY LEVEL TALKS WITH
                                                         PAKISTAN CALLED OFF.

        The Secretary level Talks between India and Pakistan called off today. Even if
        the talks continued,we donot know what the agenda was. Is it only to shake 
        hands and photo oppurtunities  to say to the world that the talks was  
        successful ?.The new Prime Minister of India,Mr.Narendra Modi invited the 
        Heads of all SAARC countries to participate in the swearing in Ceremony. 
        Everybody responded and attended the swearing in ceremony which was             
        a good gesture from all sides.
        Pakistan talking to separatists is not new thing. Even earlier governments 
        are aware of it. Now, what is the road forward?.

       1.Put India Pakistan talks on hold for few months.2. Work out a clear cut agenda
          for talks without the "K" word. 3.Let us build our relationships with our other 
         neighbours. 4.India should expand Economic & commercial ties with our 
         neighbours including Pakistan.If Pakistan responds positively involve them, 
         if not,ignore them 5.People to people ties with Pakistan and also sporting  
         activities should be given priority.6.Till now our entire diplomatic 
         concentration is centred around Pakistan which should be reviewed and                                            we should reorient our foreign policy.


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