Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ms.Shanna Dietz Surendra introducing
Dr.Susan Lund.
SESSION ON "Global Flows in a Digital
Age" with US Consulate,Chennai.

McKinsey Global Institute prepared a report
on cross border flows like trade of goods & services,flows of finance,the movement of people,and the growing flow of data and communications for 195 countries.
Dr.Susan Lund Addressing the gathering.

Dr.Susan Lund,Partner, Mckinsey Global
Institute (MGI) ,business arm& economics research arm,Washington,D.C addressed the invitees.

Dr.Susan Lund's research focuses on global financial markets,labour markets & on economic growth.The report says over 40% of goods & services,40% of finance of global business 
is going to be cross border flows in 2025.Global flows of goods & services & finance which
reached $25.9 trillion in 2012 may triple say $85 trillion  by 2025. She observed that
India's exports of 16% of GDP must improve  as the oppurtunities are big.

India is  11th largest goods trading partner with USA with $63.7billion 
(total-both ways) goods trade in 2013. 

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