Thursday, June 5, 2014

                    Internal Revenue Service(USA) nets Offshore Data from 77,000 banks.

                     77,000 banks & Financial Institutions-even some in Russia  have 
                     registered under FACTA ( The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act).
                     America's Global tax law requires foreign banks to reveal American 
                     accounts holding over $50,000. Non Compliant institutions could be 
                     frozen out of US markets,so every one is complying.As 77,000 banks                                                    have registered and about 70 countries are providing   
                    government help to the IRS means almost no foreign account is secret.

                    FACTA is making banking transparent virtually worldwide.Infact,
                    with the help of the US Congress and the US Department of Justice,                                                 arguably the IRS should have a new slogan

                    The government has set up the SIT under Supreme Court monitoring.
                     Hence, the Indian tax authorities should be in touch with their  
                    counterparts in US to know their approach to make the foreign banks                           comply with their request.
                    It is reported that as per GFI research that India lost $343.9 billion to 
                    iilicit outflows from 2002 to 2011.It is laudable that India was the first
                    G20  country to call for automatic exchange of financial  information,  
                    a position that has pledged to adopt by the end of 2015. 

                    Source: Global Financial Integrity & Forbes.

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