Saturday, June 28, 2014


The Fourteenth Annual General Meeting of Vijaya Bank was held on 27.06.2014 at its Head Office at Bangalore. The bank has declared final dividend of Rs.1 per share (10%).This is in addition to the interim dividend of Rs.1 /- per share declared earlier in january,2014. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014


      According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute,India's
     Weapon imports rose by 111% between the year 2004-2008  and in 2009-2013
     period ,India accounted for 14% of all international imports.

    Source : Jeremy Bender,Business Insider & Yahoo Finance,India.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Mr.Merkera Rao with Mr.Sanjiv Patel addressing Media.

The medical graduates from India can settle in USA through
H1 visa programme to get into a paid research fellowship position in an ACGME accredited residency program .This will be
with the help of Resident Medical Group(RMG) & USA Medical Management based in Los Angeles .

Addressing the media Mr.Merkera Rao,Executive Vice President USA Medical Management LLC said, the doctors will be working as Research Assistants
for one year with stipend of USD2500.They must undergo USMLE 1&2 prep,ECFMG and so on. Before making any decision they are advised to visit & for further details. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


                                                      Nasdaq :    4337.23     +16.13     0.37%
                                                      S&P 500:   1941.99     +  4.21     0.22%
                                                      Crude Oil:  $106.72     -   0.18
                                                      Dollar        Rs 60.23.
                                                      Gold          Rs.27,309.
                                                      Silver        Rs.41,931.
 Source:Rediff moneywiz. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


                                                    DELHI POWER CRISIS.

                   The acute Power crisis in Delhi is due to the inefficient handling of 
                   power supply and distribution by the Delhi government headed by
                  the then Chief Minister Ms. Sheila Dixit for three terms and 
                  Mr.Arvind Kejriwal,who was the Chief Minister of Delhi for 49 days.
                  In reality, we understand there is no dearth of power in Delhi but the
                  main problem lies in distribution.The then government has not done
                  anything to take corrective and timely action as Power is in concurrent 
                  list and the Congress party was in power both at the centre and in state.

                  We wish the new government headed by Mr.Narendra Modi and 
                  the Power Minister Mr.Piyush Goyal take immediate action and relieve
                  the people of Delhi from their problems.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Releasing the Book" Getting India Back on Track-An Action Agenda for Reform.

This book has been published by Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.The foreword has been written by Ratan Tata.The book contains insightful essays by eminent academicians and public policy experts.This book is edited by Bibek Debroy,Ashley J Tellis  & Reece Trevor. The papers in the book deals with subjects like macro economy,fiscal,agricultural,manufacturing ,defence,law & order and  foreign policy.

Courtesy: Yahoo News India & photo- PIB.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

                    Internal Revenue Service(USA) nets Offshore Data from 77,000 banks.

                     77,000 banks & Financial Institutions-even some in Russia  have 
                     registered under FACTA ( The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act).
                     America's Global tax law requires foreign banks to reveal American 
                     accounts holding over $50,000. Non Compliant institutions could be 
                     frozen out of US markets,so every one is complying.As 77,000 banks                                                    have registered and about 70 countries are providing   
                    government help to the IRS means almost no foreign account is secret.

                    FACTA is making banking transparent virtually worldwide.Infact,
                    with the help of the US Congress and the US Department of Justice,                                                 arguably the IRS should have a new slogan

                    The government has set up the SIT under Supreme Court monitoring.
                     Hence, the Indian tax authorities should be in touch with their  
                    counterparts in US to know their approach to make the foreign banks                           comply with their request.
                    It is reported that as per GFI research that India lost $343.9 billion to 
                    iilicit outflows from 2002 to 2011.It is laudable that India was the first
                    G20  country to call for automatic exchange of financial  information,  
                    a position that has pledged to adopt by the end of 2015. 

                    Source: Global Financial Integrity & Forbes.

Monday, June 2, 2014


                                                    INDIAN RUPEE WEAK AGAINST DOLLAR.

                         The Minister of Finance, the economists,RBI Governor and others 
                          give various reasons why the rupee is weak against the US Dollar. 
                          But the common man still wonders why our rupee is weak against 
                          US dollar since independence and even after 66 years.There are 
                          small countries like Phillipines ,Israel,Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand
                          New Zealand,Egypt,Norway,and even Mauritius whose currencies  
                           fetch better value against US dollar.Afterall, it is India's pride that 
                           our currency fetch good value against other International 
                           currencies like USD,GBP,Euro etc.Of course,our currency,the rupee  
                           is not fully convertible and hence we donot know the real value of                                                      our rupee against other currencies.         

                          As a common man one wonders, inspite of having about  320 billion
                          US dollar reserves,why the rupee should be kept weak.Is it to protect 
                          the Exporters or and to incentivise Indians who have kept money 
                          abroad?.Or is it the high inflation in our country  a major reason 
                          for this weak rupee?.

                          How we compare against  China in various parameters.
                                               Currency value      Inflation    Public Debt   Reserves
                                               vis-a-vis 1USD         rate(%)      (%) of GDP    in USD.

                         1. China           6.2486 Yuan            3.1                   31.7         3.341 

                         2. India             59.00 Rupees          6.70                 49.6          320.00 

                          Data Source: Collected from various  sources.               


Mr.D.V.Sadanada Gowda,the  
new Railway Minister said that any step he takes must help the common man.Safety,Security & Service are his mantra.Later ,he will think of speeding up the trains.He wants to have a Coal 
Corridor linking Chennai,Bangalore &  Mangalore.He said Port connectivity is important for development.

Addressing the media,the minister said that 
the ministry may constitute an expert committee to advise the ministry on safety & 
Security and they are open to invite Mr.E.Sreedharan,an expert to head the committee.