Sunday, May 18, 2014


Narendra Damodardas Modi born on 17th september,1950 will be the Prime Minister of India next week.
The NDA's victory is a hard won battle for
Narendra Modi who travelled length and breadth of the country and attended more than 400 rallies.The result, absolute majority for BJP and huge majority for NDA.

The victory is more important personally for Narendra Modi, is because he fought against all odds .He was the target for all the parties including the Congress party which never missed an oppurtunity to denigrate him. But Modi converted all the criticism to emerge more stronger
and the results are in front of us.

The reasons for the down fall of the Congress party:
The Congress party has no tall leaders either in states or in the centre and the 
Nehru family is the glue which binds the party.Every Congressman or woman thinks 
that loyalty to the family is more important to win the elections.They compete with each other to be in the good books of the first political family of the country.But will it work any longer as we have already passed 67 years?. The answer is big "NO" as we can see from the results.Further, the Congress Party it seems had already resigned to the fate that they will lose, even before the elections. They knew that BJP will emerge as winner.
Hence, they worked out their strategy to attack Modi even for small things as they 
felt that anybody other than Modi  will be better for them.As Modi is a performer,
there was a feeling that if he comes to power, it will be a long haul as it happened  
in Gujarat where the Congress party is fully decimated. The silent Prime Minister,Dual Power Centres,Corruption,Scams and policy paralysis added to their woes.

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