Wednesday, April 16, 2014


                                                                        VOTE YOU MUST.

             Everyone who is eligible to vote must vote.If they donot vote,they have no  
             right to complain, if things go wrong.Voting is a right which should be
             exercised.Now lot of debates happen regarding secularism & Communalism. 
             The time has come to put an end & define what is secularism ?. 
            It is widely accepted that secularism advocates the separation of politics  
            from religion  . Is it possible to separate politics from religion? In India, every 
            political party tries to woo one religion or the other to garner votes.Hence  
            can we conclude that every political party is not secular. Can any political  
            party blame other parties as not secular when they themselves donot   
           practice it?.Hence,the debate about secularism  is mere diversionary tactics 
           from the main issues facing the country.What are the issues facing the                                             country?. 1.Corruption:
          The UPA-2 is full of reports about  alleged corruption.May it be,CWG scam, 2G 
          Spectrum scam, Augusta Westland Helicopter scam, Coal scam etc.                                    
          2.In India till UPA-2,the buck stopped at PM. With the two centres of power,the   
          PM's authority was eroded.There is National Advisory Council headed by the                                   Congress President & UPA Chairperson who is also the Party  
          president, are there to advise the PM. Are two centres of power good for 
       .  governing the  country?. What is the result?. 3. The state of Economy.
         4.The state of Industry especially manufacturing sector.5. Foreign Policy.
        6. Inflation & 7.Value of Indian Currency vis-a-vis Dollar,Pound & Euro.

         Hence, irrespective of caste,people need basic amenities,youth requires good 
         education and employment, women requires security at home,at work place 
         and also in public places.Let us all focus our attention  on important issues                                     to find solutions.If people come in large numbers to vote, we can  
        proudly tell the world that we are the biggest democracy and people's 
        will is supreme in this country.



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