Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Sagar Hospitals, Bangalore
organised an EPILEPSY DAY
AWARENESS Programme on March,26,to sensitise people 
about the facts & myths connected with Epilepsy.
The Chief Guest was Dr.H.V.Srinivas,Neurologist and past president of Indian Epilepsy
There are 65 million people affected by epilepsy in the world.
Of which 80% are in the developing countries.Out of this 80%,705 have no access to medical treatment for
What is epilepsy? : It is a neurological disorder marked by sudden recurrent episodes of
sensory disturbance,loss of consciousness,or convulsions,associated with abnormal
electrical activity in the brain.
Early treatment may reduce the risk of progressing to more frequent & severe seizures.
First Aid  :If some one has a seizure.
1.Loosen clothing around the person's neck.
2.Donot insert any object in the person's mouth.
3.Remove sharp objects (Glasses,furniture & other objects) from around the person  
   to avoid injury.
4.Make the person to lie on a side to maintain open airway & prevent the person 
   from inhaling any secretions.
5.After the seizure, the person may be confused, & should not be left alone.

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