Monday, November 25, 2013

                                                            INCLUSIVE GROWTH OR DIVISIVE GROWTH.

 Every day we hear the ministers,political leaders and the media talk about inclusive
 growth.Inclusive growth is, we all grow together with equal oppurtunities to all and
 creating an eco system for the talents to bloom & prosper and no one in the society
 Is either suppressed or oppressed. The United states of America is one such  
 example of a country which has the eco system for equal oppurtunity.This is the 
 essence of true democracy.

 Now, let us ponder whether  we,as a country as an eco system for equal
 oppurtunity .The answer is -NO. India is a free country for the last 66 years.It is
 true we have grown in all fields.But is it sufficient to sit and relax as a country       
 of 1.2 billion people and 1.2 billion aspirations.Our society is fragmented and there  
 is mistrust between and amongst the members of Indian society.Hence, what     
 needs to be done to integrate and to set common goals for the development of the   
 country as a whole,This should be the agenda for all the political parties, thought  
 leaders and the media for  the General elections to be held in 2014.Let us not   
 divide the country for the sake of Vote banks.Let us learn from the history of the
country.We were invaded by Muslims ,by Greeks,the French,the Portuguese and
finally the British who ruled our country for more than a century.

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