Sunday, October 6, 2013

                                                                      INDIAN SECULARISM.

Indian secularism should be a model to the world.We as Indians are secular in our 
thought  & action. India never attacked any country for any reason,though it was
attacked  for centuries. India has seen the invasion of Moghuls,Greek,Portuguese,
French,Dutch & the British. Many foreigners ruled this country for centuries and 
even some looted and plundered this country of its wealth. India called as Bharath 
earlier was following the Sanatana Dharma, a mantra  for harmonious living. India
is a great country with rich culture & traditions which attracted many towards
it.India has nurtured many religions,and also given birth to many religions.Hence,
nobody need to be worried whether India will become a communal country. India 
can never become a country which hates any religion.My appeal to politicians of   
every hue and colour not to talk of religion or talk of majority or minority in their   
election speeches.Let us talk of development, Industrial growth,infrastructure  
growth,employment to all and above all peace.

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