Monday, October 7, 2013

                                                                   RAHUL'S COMMENT ON ORDINANCE.

I have observed Mr.Rahul Gandhi as a sober person who normally does not get
provoked But I was shocked to see him in the Press conference using strong words 
like 'nonsense'and saying that the ordinance should be torn. The ordinance is 
approved in the cabinet sent to the President for signature and two senior  
ministers in the cabinet has gone to the President to convince him about the purpose of the ordinance. At this juncture,calling the ordinance as nonsense does 
not make  sense.Afterall, he is the senior functionary of the Congress Party and his views are respected not only within the Congress party but also in the government.

He should have voiced his opinion in the congress party's forum which  would have  
stopped the ordinance.Ofcourse, the ordinance is flawed and the public sentiment 
is against such Ordinance.

Even his father, late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was also a sober person and ever smiling.He 
too once got irritated and said in a Press conference to a question of a journalist 
that 'you will be discussing with  new foreign secretary'.By this statement,he  
almost sacked the senior foreign service bureaucrat Mr.A.P.Venkateshwaran,who 
was the Foreign Secretary then.This ended the distinguished career of Mr.A.P.Venkateshwaran. 

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